Rush is an accomplished filmmaker who has made documentaries for PBS, History, Discovery, National Geographic, Smithsonian, Turner Broadcasting, and others. His work has been honored with the George F. Peabody Award, the Writers Guild of America Award, and the International Documentary Association’s Distinguished Achievement Award, to name just a few accolades. He’s a creative force.


Black Hole Apocalypse


We asked Rush how it’s going now, with the film business impacted by the pandemic. He said,

Rush DeNooyer
“Some of my work involves research and writing, which I do at home, so that’s not impacted. But I also go on shoots; that has been severely affected. We’ll see what happens in the new year.”



Rush mentioned that he recently produced, “Black Hole Apocalypse” directed, and wrote “Black Hole Apocalypse” (a PBS Nova special). He told us it had “consumed over three years of my life, and was a really difficult challenge. First, I had to learn about black holes, so the content was very difficult. Then I had to try and translate the science into something non-scientists can grasp, and craft it into an entertaining story that flows, has enjoyable
twists and turns, and makes sense. And finally, I had to work with a physicist, Janna Levin, who would be an on-camera host – a first for her.”

To see Rush’s amazing work, check out these shows on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube:

• “Black Hole Apocalypse”

• “Apollo’s Daring Mission” (the story of Apollo 8, the first time humans left earth):

• “The Bomb”

And… he’s working with Lone Wolf Media of South Portland on six new episodes of Smithsonian Channel’s “America’s Hidden Stories,” which premieres in January 2021.