Lynda Ada Doughty

Here’s a unique gift idea for an animal lover in your life… or someone who “has everything.” Symbolically adopt a seal, whale, dolphin, or sea turtle in that person’s name. You’ll be supporting MMoME, the ONLY organization federally authorized to carry out the work of marine mammal and sea turtle response, rescue, care, research, and education in southern and midcoast Maine.

MMoME was founded in 2011 by Executive Director Lynda Ada Doughty, who explained how they became federally authorized. She said, “We submitted an application to the National Marine Fisheries Service to be permitted to respond to marine mammals in Maine from Kittery to Rockland. Since they uphold the Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA), authorization comes through them. We needed to show we have the expertise, training, supplies, and equipment to respond to these animals.”

Lynda told us that things have been going great for the organization: “I am happy our organization is here to provide support and care for animals in need. Currently there is not enough rehab capacity in the northeast to help all the marine mammals that need care, but we keep working towards that goal. As we keep growing, we always need support to maintain our capabilities.” Lynda encourages everyone to learn more about marine mammals, and to call if you feel concerned about an animal that may seem “stranded.” They can send trained responders if needed.

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