Andrew Chasse

Andy Chasse owns two thriving businesses: Hansoo Taekwondo Academy in Glastonbury, CT (, and The Artworks, LLC (new site under construction.) We caught up with him to see why this CT native, but whose parents are from Northern Maine, is devoted to two businesses at once. He told us, “I’ve been running the martial arts school for 21 years and it’s very dear to me. We work with children and adults six days a week helping them develop strength, confidence and personal discipline. For twelve years, we have offered a specialized TKD for Autism Spectrum Disorders… empowering children on the Autism spectrum with incredible results.” Andy is the school’s Head Instructor and is a 5th dan Black Belt who’s been training for over 32 years.

He said that his other business is a labor of love, as well: “For 30 years, I’ve been creating custom signs — including creative hand-carved, gold leaf signs that most sign shops don’t produce. I’m continuing with the sign business, but I’m also shifting to digital photographic prints which people can order from a library of my own nature photography. It’s all my work and it’s been going well on a private level, but will soon be introduced for online ordering.“ By the way, our own Joyce Broadwater is very proud of Andy; she’s his cousin!

You can reach Andy at: