Dorienne Lewin had a vision of a Portland-area fitness community… a welcoming place where people of all ages, interests, and body types could find different classes under one roof for benefits beyond just physical health. She didn’t plan on opening her own studio, but
the community of her dreams didn’t exist. So, she opened SALUD in 2019 in a 1,400 squarefoot studio … and it grew rather quickly thanks to its unique community atmosphere. “I have four kids,” she said, “I know that moving is so important for physical, mental, and
emotional health. My parents were teachers in a Quaker school, which is all about community. I brought this aspect into the studio. We all work together. People come in in a good mood and leave in a good mood. I created the space for me as much as anyone else. I
find it inspiring that we have people in their 20s and 70s in the same class. A lot of our members recently moved to Portland, and they end up exchanging phone numbers.”

Dorienne added, “At SALUD, you’re not doing the same thing every day. You’re going to one space with many different class types. And people are responding. These days, the business is incredible. Two years ago, I doubled my square footage, and I’m looking into growing and expanding.” For details visit