“I love helping people create outdoor spaces where they can enjoy nature in their own backyard and wind down at home,” said Mandy Johnson, experienced southern Maine gardener. And while maintenance of existing landscapes has been her business mainstay since it started in 2012 — pruning, weeding, planting, and more — every year she’ll do a handful of designs for new and existing clients. She told us that design work is a fun and collaborative puzzle that she really enjoys, considering each site’s conditions, matching plants and sometimes structural elements to those conditions, and pleasing the people who live there. A native environment is important to Mandy. She said, “The movement to notice native wild plants and honor them, as well as to rewild spaces, is gaining so much momentum. I’m grateful to work in this business at this time, when my interests line up with the direction many people would like to head in.”

Mandy and her partner Peter have been having a great season. She told us, “I’m grateful to have so many long-haul and joyful relationships with so many people and places via the business. Some clients I have worked with for 3 generations (grandmother, mom, and daughter), others I have seen through many moves and big life milestones like their kids learning to drive and heading off to college.”

If you’d like to explore Mandy’s services, you can reach her at mandyjohnsonlandscapegardener@gmail.com and 207-615-9866.