AMY C. SEDGWICK, MDDr. Amy Sedgwick is a busy and successful medical practitioner who balances three different missions. First, she’s a board-certified emergency medicine physician and a partner at Intermed, where she practices medicine in Urgent Care.

Second, she owns Medicine Within, a Falmouth-based practice offering acupuncture, yoga, myofascial work, and meditation. She told us, “Four years ago, I realized that I wanted to treat patients in a format that did not involve working in a hospital or other healthcare system… so I started my own stand-alone, fee-for-service practice. I see my patients through several lenses and in doing so, offer a unique, multi-disciplinary approach to issues they’re dealing with.”

Medicine Within sees patients from greater Portland and other locations including out of state. Her business has continued to grow each year, even after shutting down for several months at the start of the pandemic. She added, “It has been such a wonderful experience to see my patients improve and feel well over the time I’ve been working with them.” Visit

And her third mission? Dr. Amy teaches acupuncture to physicians through the AcuMed course affiliated with UNE. She said, “We teach our style of acupuncture — which is a Japanese approach — to medical providers from all over the world. It has been an incredible honor to be part of this group and I continue to learn so much every time I work with them.”