“Toughcats don’t come from a music scene. They are one.” This is how banjo player Colin Gulley starts out describing Toughcats, an Indie American Rock trio that’s becoming one of the most unique and talked about bands from the state of Maine.

Proudly hailing from the Fox Islands, 12 miles off Maine’s coast, Toughcats has been building a fan base around the country through national tours and YouTube videos. After performing at the CMJ Music Festival last fall, NYC Examiner reporter Elise Yablon said, “It’s not every day that you’re completely blown away by a band. However, at the Portland Music Foundation showcase at Sullivan Hall, Toughcats managed to put the entire room in awe.”

The band is known for explosive live energy and originality that appeals to a wide audience. The Trio includes Jake Greenlaw on drums, Colin Gulley on banjo and Joe Nelson on guitar. Colin describes their music as “Consuming, absorbing, and straight up fun for an audience.”

Toughcats have released two albums with a third on its way. The group feels that after seven years of playing, touring, and recording, Toughcats have reached a new musical maturity that will show itself loud and clear in this much anticipated record release. Hear it for yourself! Check out their website www.Toughcats.com or visit YouTube and search “Toughcats” to find a variety of their magnetic performance videos.