After earning her law degree and spending twelve years in lobbying, political campaign work, and designing, directing and managing Foundation grants and programs, Kimberly Crichton was ready for a personal transformation. Her vision was to not only to transform her work so that it integrated her interest in art…but to help many different foundations transform their giving in ways that meaningfully impact as many people as possible.

With her consulting business, Transform. LLC, Kim uses her creative ways of seeing and understanding policy, philanthropy and art to advance social change. She works with foundations to design, create and implement effective grant programs and more equitable giving strategies. In addition, Kim is an artist who transforms hand-cut paper by re-imagining it into hand-sewn shapes and stories. She told us, “In all my work, I am interested in helping explore and expand ways of seeing and understanding ourselves and our relationships to the world we live and invest in.”

One of Kimberly’s artworks can be seen at our Honeck O’Toole offices. If you stop by, look for her “Trees” piece (shown here) when you get off the elevator. Kim noted, “I’m grateful to have had the support of Peter Callnan and his team during my leap. They made me feel safe and excited about starting my own business and doing something brave and a little bit crazy. They have been such a great support to me!”

For more information about Kim’s consulting services or artworks, contact her or 207-441-4710.