What do you do when you’re happy with your business and everything’s working out well? You make a plan to keep the momentum going so you can enjoy a rosy future. That’s exactly what Dr. Leslie Elston is doing after owning the Mountain View Dentistry practice in Bridgton for 14 years.

“I realized that this is the perfect time to open a second practice and return to my roots in Windham. I went to school there, my family has lived there for 34 years, and the timing is right.” Her new Windham practice just opened and she’s very excited.

“This move helps me position myself well for retirement someday, with two practices in two great communities. A new dental school is opening in Maine, and four years from now, I will be hoping to add a newly graduated dentist and serve as a mentor to a young doctor looking to eventually partner/own an established dental practice. Then I can work for him or her!”

Dr. Elston will provide services at both locations while her staff manages routine cleanings. Her brother Alex is managing the new office, and she now has two great teams in place to provide exceptional care to both communities.

Dr. Elston mentioned that she’s been with Honeck O’Toole at least 10 years or so. “Peter has taken great care of all my ventures over the past decade; providing solid advice and helping me stay on a sensible financial path. I am so pleased with the responsiveness and professionalism of the firm.”

To get details about each practice, visit their websites. Bridgton: MountainViewDentistryMaine.com and Windham: DrLeslieAElston.com.