“I’m in love with our planet!” That’s the enthusiastic declaration of Clara Cohan, a lifelong artist whose mission is to interpret our place in the universe through art. Her philosophy is that our relationship to nature sustains us; the earth provides for us.

“My mother was a very good painter – a realist. When I was eight years old, she began teaching me how to draw and use oil paint. With that foundation, I’ve been able to make a living as a painter, sculptor and photographer.” Clara has been able to thrive because she also has good marketing sense; it’s kept her afloat. She’s even worked to help other artists through art career seminars and creating exhibition opportunities.

Since January 2012, sales have started to pick up again after the economic meltdown in 2008. Clara is represented by Harbor Square Gallery in Rockland. She noted, “We dovetail beautifully because the owner’s concept is that art has healing energies. The gallery is a sanctuary. We work well together.”

Right now, she balances her work with a position at the Portland Museum of Art, surrounded by inspiration. Currently her sculpting works are prominent and her photography is being prepared for exhibitions.

And why does she choose Honeck O’Toole? “They are so good,” she told us. “Janet O’Toole has a brain that’s wired for accounting and for me it’s a blessing.”

To see her work and writings about her background, travels and life, visit her website: www.claracohan.com. You can also see her work on www.HarborSquareGallery.com.