When Rob and Bridget O’Brian took over North Atlantic Inflatables in April of 2014, it was a unique, growing business — the first to bring reliable, safe, high-quality inflatable boats to the US market at reasonable prices. It was a perfect fit for the O’Brian’s, combining Rob’s background as a Naval Architect and a retail business owner, with his family’s love of Maine.

Rob said, “While our first year was a transitional year, sales have increased 20-25% each year to date, as we’ve broadened our reach beyond a single retail facility in Portland.” They started a dealership network in Harpswell, Maine; Cape Cod, Massachusetts; and soon to be launched in Long Island, NY. In addition, their boats are sold through Hamilton Marine in Maine and Jamestown Distributors in Rhode Island.

Each North Atlantic Inflatables boat is manufactured exclusively by the company based on their proprietary specifications. The biggest sellers are hard-bottom inflatables primarily made of light, rugged aluminum. Rob told us, “They’re a cost-effective dingy solution because they can handle Maine’s rocky coast. Pleasure boaters and island communities use our boats to easily hop from mooring to land. Now we’re looking ahead to push into larger, center console inflatables for those who’d like to use our boats as their primary watercraft. Last year we delivered a 21-footer, and we’re delivering a 20-footer this year.” Their showroom and primary retail location is located at 400 Commercial Street in Portland.

Learn all about them at www.NorthAtlanticInflatables.com