Raven Rocks Resources Retirement is a foreign word to Claudine Weatherford. So, when she retired from her career and then turned 70 a few years ago, she created a small consulting business that suits her cross-disciplinary background (anthropology/archaeology, folk culture/ folk art, and organizational change and behavior), while requiring less than a full-time commitment.

She always enjoyed adventure travel, and trekked in Nepal, Africa, and Central and South America. She told us, “Every adventure aimed to identify local-source contacts and build relationships, creating an inside track to active, culturally rich and educational travel experiences.” During the last 15 years, she has consulted part-time for a trekking travel company in Kathmandu, eager to tap into the burgeoning Boomer market, especially the ardent bucket-listers. These activities led to her establishing Raven Rocks Resources (aka Raven Rocks) — which focuses on sparking into action older, wanna-be adventure travelers through hands-on help identifying, designing and developing customized itineraries for bucket-worthy, transformative experiences.

She just launched her website, stepped up her social media efforts, and boosted word-of-mouth marketing. She’s slowly building a clientele, but said, “Quite honestly, I prefer to remain selective to keep my workload manageable. It’s deeply satisfying to inspire in others a love for adventure, enriched by cultural and educational experiences for transformative personal growth.” She also noted, “Creating a part-time business based on the experience economy is the ultimate kind of later-life occupation.”

To learn more, visit: www.ravenrocks.com