On a Friday evening after a long, grueling week, it’s finally time to relax with a few close friends and enjoy a sumptuous meal of mussels cooked in white wine, butter and shallots; lamb stuffed with goat cheese, dates and almonds; green beans cooked in pecan-honey butter; and peach-raspberry bundles with an orange custard sauce.

The best part? This meal is prepared and served in your home by a personal chef. That’s just a sampling of the dishes prepared by chef Jonathan Carr, who has a real passion for cooking and specializes in personalizing each menu to his clients’ wishes. Jonathan trained in France, learning about the foods and cooking styles of Provence and then perfected his specialties with friends and family (lucky them!).

Jonathan offers a variety of services to busy folks in Greater Portland, whether he’s preparing a week’s worth of family meals or serving a multi-course dinner for an intimate gathering. Reservations are required, of course!

You can reach Jonathan at 207-650-1404 or his website: www.manwithapan.com.