Imagine lying back in a heated back-massage chair and watching a Hollywood blockbuster while you receive an innovative, pain-free dental treatment. Or smelling freshly baked bread and cookies when you wait for your appointment…and getting a warm, moist facecloth to soothe you at the end of your visit. And the dental work? Outstanding.

At Great East Dental Associates, the professionals are laser certified and use Laser Therapy to treat diseased gums, keep gums healthy, and enable patients to keep their natural teeth. Another laser used at Great East Dental can detect and diagnose cavities and measure their depth and severity, and a third generation laser can “fix” the cavity!

Examinations are done with digital radiography. This uses a fraction of the radiation exposure of conventional x-rays and the pictures are computer enhanced for more accurate and differentiated types of diagnoses. If your teeth have yellowed or worn, at Great East Dental they can be whitened and lengthened or rebuilt. If you have lost teeth they can be replaced to prevent facial changes and if you have healthy teeth they will keep them that way. If you have a toothache or abscess, the latest innovation in Endodontic treatment, rotary biomechanical instrumentation is used to relieve pain and swelling. Antiviral medications are used to treat recurrent herpes.

There is no mercury kept on the premises at Great East Dental. There are no restorations or fillings containing mercury or any other non-precious metal. All fillings and restorations are created with porcelain or resins reinforced with particles created using nano-technology and custom manufactured to match the tooth shade. The Associates at Great East Dental provide a combination of multi-varied training and skills. Care at Great East Dental includes Experience, Knowledge, and State-of–The-Art equipment.

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