Dr. Stanley Block may have found the key to lasting happiness. This retired psychoanalyst, native Mainer (born on Munjoy Hill) and former medical director of Maine’s Jackson Brook Institute has published Come to Your Senses—Demystifying the Mind Body Connection, in which he describes how people with serious problems can make them disappear by “coming to their senses.”

Dr. Block told us, “Forty years of practicing medicine lead me to a conviction that we’re always connected to our wellspring of goodness, power and wisdom. So why didn’t I experience it when my kids were acting up? I found out that everyone has an Identity System made up of self-defeating thoughts, and I discovered a revolutionary technique that takes us from a paralyzed, damaged self to a vital, true self in a matter of seconds. You just have to ‘come to your senses’ by listening to the sounds around you and being attentive to your body.”

His technique, called Bridging, is a very simple method for recognizing a problem and then letting it go. Readers learn how resting their Identity System heals even extreme situations such as domestic violence, drug abuse, obesity, and more. Several studies have been done with results published in different medical journals. MBB is evidenced based in its viability, effectiveness and proven affects in the lives of people who are suffering with substance abuse, PTSD, involved in domestic violence and in insomnia and sleep problems. It is also be researched while being used with Alzheimer patients and their caregivers and with Autistic children and their caregivers. Our writer tried the technique over the phone and was amazed by its effectiveness.

The Mind-Body Bridging Community has expanded whereas we have Certified Mind-Body Bridging Practitioners all over the world. These practitioners have been trained to teach MBB to others in establishing a personal MBB practice and use MBB in their daily living and lives.

Come To Your Senses has been translated and published in Portugal, Germany, Hong Kong, China, South Korea and Poland — so far. He has also published a book, The Mind-Body Workbook for PTSD: A 10 Week Program for Healing After Trauma — published by New Harbinger and sold on Amazon.com. Submitted for publication is his newest book: The Mind-Body Workbook for Stress: Effective Tools for Life-Long Stress Reduction and Crisis Management,” which is due to be published by New Harbinger in mid-2012.

Come to Your Senses is available in local bookstores and Amazon.com. To learn more, visit Stanley’s many websites: