Two decades ago, Scarborough, Maine architect Mike Richman never imagined he’d be co-managing a nonprofit camp for kids with Celiac Disease. But when his daughter was 7 and had been living with the disease for years, Mike’s wife discovered Camp Celiac — a special summer camp. They decided to check it out. Mike told us, “I volunteered that first year. They trained me and placed me in a cabin with a bunch of boys. I had a great week and I kept volunteering every year for the next several years.” In 2010, the family who started the camp was ready to move on, so Mike and two other volunteers took over. He said, “My daughter’s now 25, and I’m still with the camp. It was a priceless experience for her. It made her realize that she’s not alone. Her best friends during her teenage life were kids from Camp Celiac; a community that understood.”

Camp Celiac

It sounds idyllic, based on this website description: “Camp Celiac is a one-week summer camp for approximately 145 children and youth with Celiac Disease, ages 8-16. Located in beautiful North Scituate, Rhode Island, (it’s) situated on 230 acres of woods, fields, and trails, and includes a lake, waterfront cabins, woodside cabins, dining hall, solar bathhouse, and a retreat center.” Mike noted that helping to run the camp is quite a challenge. He said, “It’s my most difficult week of each year, but I love it the most.” The camp closed for 2 years due to COVID, but it’s open again for summer 2022.

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