SALT Associates is a Maine-based “customer-centric” consulting firm that provides expertise and services to disability insurance companies, helping them develop streamlined processes for managing disability claims, absent employees, and other related issues.

SALT founder Don Russell and business partner Jeff Verrill recognized a gap for companies needing custom solutions and simplified processes when it comes to disability claim management. Don told us, “We created SALT as a resource where the principals always work exclusively and directly with clients, developing unique and strategic solutions while focusing on lasting relationships. We developed a proprietary, proven method of efficient disability management, which has been our unique value to the market.”

SALT Associates has one mission: “Provide customers with focused solutions that are designed to meet specific customer needs.” The company was founded specifically to deliver thoughtful, creative, and efficient expertise and services to their customers.

When Don Russell founded the company in 2002, he needed an accounting firm that shared the same values. “We’ve grown from one person to ten, and Honeck O’Toole’s Joyce Broadwater has been our partner since the beginning.”

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