Greenhut Galleries is Maine’s oldest year-round gallery, and it’s been faithfully cultivated and managed by our client Peggy Golden since 1977. In July, Peggy sold the gallery to Kelley Lehr and John Danos — two art lovers who are now living the dream of owning a gallery. We’re delighted that they’re now clients as well, and we asked Kelley about the transition.

She told us, “John is a litigator and I was working as a legal assistant. But we were humanities majors — when we travel, we spend most of our time in museums and galleries. John discovered this beautiful gallery for sale online. When we came here in April, we found it’s even more gorgeous in person. We loved Portland too, so we decided to go for it. So far, it’s been fantastic.”

Kelley and John want everyone to know, “We plan to preserve what Peggy has accomplished — only adding to without taking away. We’ve inherited Peg’s talented staff and she is still very much part of the team. We’re planning some great invitational shows and will host cultural events that will enrich the community. The changing art scene brings opportunity for growth… and we’re determined to meet change with positivity, to adapt creatively, and expand on the gallery’s success.”

Kelley added, “It’s rare that a dream business with a nurturing seller and a staff deeply committed to its continued success comes along. We feel so fortunate. We’ve been very happy with Joyce and Roberta at Honeck O’Toole, too!” Visit