A diverse range of companies — from A.L. Griffin, Willis Real Estate and Salt Associates to Back Cove Midwives, Gregg Lipton Furniture, Family Ice Center & Robert Hark Attorney-at-Law  — count on Elaine’s team to manage their bookkeeping tasks including payroll, accounts payable and receivable, setting up budgets, and property management bookkeeping such as collecting dues and rent; and paying utility bills.

Elaine and her two staff members use QuickBooks for all their services. The team specializes in setting up, organizing or cleaning up client books, and showing clients how to interpret their reports. She said, “We enjoy taking care of the details that make life easier and help people avoid mistakes.” She also helps clients use QuickBooks to track financial activity in multiple office locations, and today’s electronic capabilities make it easier than ever for clients.

Brackett Bookkeeping is very busy and rewarding these days.  We recommend Elaine to anyone who needs bookkeeping help.

Call 207-642-4336 or email Elaine at elaine@brackettbooks.com for information.