Due Date Reminder

Just a friendly reminder, the IRS has set the E-Filing and electronic payment due date as April 18th, 2016. Regardless of Patriot’s Day, this applies to Maine and Massachusetts residents.

Please have your tax information to us by March 17th in order to meet the April 18th deadline.

2015 Tax Organizers Have Been Mailed

Watch your mailbox as the 2015 tax organizers have been mailed. The organizer will help you pull together the information necessary to complete your 2015 tax returns. Some of the frequently asked questions relating to the organizer and tax returns are: 1) Are copies okay to send? Yes, you do not need to send us…

IRS Identity Theft PIN Notice Notes Wrong Tax Year

If you have been a victim of identity theft you may receive an identity protection personal identification number (IP PIN) from the IRS to use to file your personal return. The IRS will send you the number by a written notice, CP01A. The notices for the current year have been going out since January 4th…