Watch your mailbox as the 2015 tax organizers have been mailed. The organizer will help you pull together the information necessary to complete your 2015 tax returns.

Some of the frequently asked questions relating to the organizer and tax returns are:

1) Are copies okay to send?

Yes, you do not need to send us the original forms. Copies or scans are just as good as the original but you will want to keep the original for your records.

2) Do I need to complete every page?

We try to limit the organizers to the pages that are relevant to you so you will at least want to review them. It is unnecessary to complete the pages for which you are sending the documents. For example no need to fill in the W-2 wage page if you are sending the actual W-2. The same goes for investment accounts. If you are providing the document no need to fill out the page.

3) Do I need to sign anything? or “I signed the 8879 last year so i don’t need to sign this year?”  

We are required to get a signed Form 8879 Efile Authorization page every year. The form confirms that you are aware of what is being filed with the taxing authorities. As they report each year’s tax liability or refund they must be signed each year.

4) Can you send a copy of my return to someone?

We are more than happy to assist you in getting the information where it needs to go. However, we are required to get a signed authorization form allowing us to send your personal information to another party. If you would like a copy of this form in advance please feel free to call the office.

There are numerous other questions that have arisen over the years but we wanted to provide the most common ones. If you have questions please do not hesitate to call and we will be happy to address them.